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When we were in the car!!! 
We came to Coliba for the Wedding...
Sally , Colin and Shelley !
Friends from Istanbul and my Parents
Me and Shelley were too impatient!
We were ready to get married!

Finally ! The Happy End :-)

The first and best Sign!

The Sign time for me !
Holly Yes :-))))
Holly Kiss :-))))))))))))
My Wife , Me and The Mayor!
My Aunt! She was so happy :-)))))))
My Uncle !
Hello Again!
Lion Milk !!!! It was Raki Time :-))))) We call Raki "Lion Milk"
Charlene . She was happy. Were you happy Char?She was our witness !
Bora-The Mafia- was our witness too!
My Father - Clark Gable- loves Lion Milk too!
He smokes too!!!!
Our Guests :-)
My Mother and my crazy Sister !
Happy Bride !
The Gifts Ceremony!
We were hungry!!!!
My mother was still working !
A cigarette is always good just for relax. Ohh I forget, Raki is better !

BİR YASTIKTA KOCAYIN…..ozan(your sweet cousin)